1.7 Use cases and success stories with the TiDB

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1.7 Use cases and success stories with the TiDB(TiDB 典型应用场景及用户案例)


Jack Ma(马靖钰)

Tech Center Engineer of PingCAP

Accenture / Oracle / Fidelity / PingCAP

Database Administrator for Oracle & TiDB

Before we begin

  • Context: After we learn about the architecture of TiDB, we may want to know which cases are suitable for TiDB
  • Goal: Know about which cases can take advantage of TiDB's features
  • Outline:
    • TiDB feature overview
    • Suitable case for TiDB
    • Use cases introduction
  • Lab requirements(if needed)

Part I: TiDB's features

  • An overview of TiDB's features
  • Goal
  • Subtopics
    • TiDB's feature introduction
  • Key points
  • Review of goal

Subtopic: TiDB's feature overview

  • Scalability
  • High Availability
  • Distributed Transaction
  • Real-time HTAP
  • ...

Part II: Suitable cases fro TiDB

  • An overview of suitable cases
  • Goal
  • Subtopics
    • suitable cases for TiDB
  • Key points
  • Review of goal

Subtopic: suitable cases for TiDB (1/3)

  • Scalability & Distributed Transaction
    • very large data, such as billions of records
    • high concurrency applications
    • MySQL protocol applications
    • elastic calculation or storage request


Subtopic: suitable cases for TiDB (2/3)

  • HA
    • Important business cases
    • Multi-active architecture cases

Subtopic: suitable cases for TiDB (3/3)

  • Real-time HTAP
    • HTAP cases
    • use TiSpark in BI cases
    • use TiFlash in AP cases

Part III: Use cases introduction

  • An overview of user cases
  • Goal
  • Subtopic
    • user cases introduction
  • Kye points
  • Review of goal

Subtopic: Use cases (1/4)

  • Zhihu
    • The largest production TiDB cluster, more than 250 TiKV nodes & 20 TiDB nodes
    • About 2 trillion rows of data which stores posts users have already read
    • 100 billion rows of data accruing each month and growing
    • Milliseconds of response time

Subtopic: Use cases (2/4)

  • Bank or Beijing
    • Multi-active, geo-distributed architecture with three data centers in two cities
    • Payment business
    • Running stable in product environment fro 2 years
    • Scale out and scale in, upgrade online
    • Withstand hardware damage and network failure for several times

Subtopic: Use cases (3/4)

  • PayPay
    • The largest mobile payment company in Japan
    • Payment business in TiDB, which wa run in Aurora before
    • About 100 TB data

Subtopic: Use cases (4/4)

  • ZTO express
    • Use TiDB for express query in all branches
    • Use TiSpark for BI business
    • Scale out before double eleven (Chinese Black Friday) and scale in after double eleven


  • Could we use TiDB for BI business?
  • Is there any TiDB case running in the Bank's important business?